Archive Mastering is a dedicated audio mastering facility, located just outside of Halifax, NS, Canada.

Specializing in high quality mastering for digital, vinyl, and CD releases, Archive Mastering combines extensive technical knowledge and experience with a unique and relaxed work environment to provide an ideal place to put the finishing touches on your recording.

J. LaPointe is the owner, founder and mastering engineer at Archive Mastering.  He has earned an estimable reputation in the independent music community for his great ears, obsessive attention to detail, and steadfast DIY work ethic.

LaPointe opened Archive Mastering in early 2003 in response to an increasing demand for top tier mastering in Atlantic Canada. His consistently high level of work has since attracted clients from across Canada and the US, Europe, the UK, Australia and Japan.

Over the course of his mastering career J. has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of artists across all genres, from adventurous niche artists to gold and platinum sellers, including a number of albums earning industry honours.


Joel Plaskett - The Park Avenue Sobriety Test (2016)
Mo Kenney - In My Dreams (2016)
Jenn Grant - Compostela (2015) (x2)
James Hill - The Old Silo (2015)
Dave Gunning - ...a tribute to John Allan Cameron (2012)
Joel Plaskett - Three (2010) (x2) (winner)
Garrett Mason - Love & Sound (2009)

6 CANADIAN FOLK MUSIC AWARDS (15+ nominations)

Shannon Quinn - If All The Young Ladies (2016) (x2)
Jenn Grant - Compostela (2015) (x2)
Gillian Boucher - Attuned (2014)
Lennie Gallant - Live Acoustic at The Carleton (2014) (winner)
Mo Kenney - Mo Kenney  (2013) (winner)
Gypsophilia - Constellation (2012)
Ben Caplan - In The Time Of The Great Remembering (2012)
Dave Gunning - ...a tribute to John Allan Cameron (2011) (2x winner)
Molly Thomason - Beauty Queen (2011) (winner)
David Myles - Live at the Carleton (2011)
Ashley Condon - Come In From The Cold (2011)
David Myles -  Turn Time Off (2010)
Joel Plaskett - Three (2009) (winner)

40+ ECMA WINNERS (over 210 nominations)

Jenn Grant - Compostela (2016)
Mo Kenney - Telephones (2016)
Christina Martin - It'll Be Alright (2016)
The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies (2015) (x3)
Mo Kenney - In My Dreams (2015)
Kim Harris - Only The Mighty (2015)
Thom Swift - The Fortunate Few (2014)
Mo Kenney - Mo Kenney (2014)
The Town Heroes - Sunday Movies (2014)
Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys - Pickin n Clickin (2014)
Allan Jeffries - Coffee 'til Midnight (2014)
Asif Illyas - Synesthesia (2014)
Charlie A'Court - Triumph & Disaster (2013) (2x)
Ben Caplan - In The Time Of The Great Remembering (2013)
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Scrappy Happiness (2013)
Gypsophilia - Constellation (2013) (2x)
Ria Mae - Under Your Skin (2012)
Rawlins Cross - Heart Head Hands (2012)
David Myles - Simple Pleasures (single) (2012)
David Myles - Turn Time Off (2011)
Gypsophilia - Sa-ba-da-OW! (2011) (2x)
The Stanfields - Vanguard of the Young and Reckless (2011)
Dave Gunning -  ...a tribute to John Allan Cameron (2011)
David Myles - Need A Break (single) (2011)
Joel Plaskett - Three (2010) (3x)
Joel Plaskett - Through & Through & Through (single) (2010)
The Grass Mountain Hobos - ZOOT! (2010)
Thom Swift - Into the Dirt (2008)
Chelsea Nisbett - New Beginnings (2008)
Pimp Tea - Shake Ya Caboose (single) (2005)