Attended versus Unattended Sessions

Currently we do about a 50/50 split of attended vs unattended mastering sessions., and we are very comfortable working either way.

Many clients ask if they should attend their mastering session or not.  If you are in the region, or are able to travel here, then the answer is a resounding YES!  For many it is a chance to relax and hear their music on an amazing sounding speaker system, while others choose to get more hands on with the mastering process. Whatever your preference, we always enjoy hosting our clients in the mastering room.

Attended Sessions

Typically we will begin an attended mastering session by listening to parts of some or all of your mixes, and discussing what you would like to achieve during the mastering process. If there are other recordings that help demonstrate what you would like to accomplish, by all means share them with us.

The bulk of the session day is then spent running through your album song by song, performing any necessary analog and digital processing as we load your mixes into our editing workstation. Sequencing, spacing, and editing is performed in the workstation, and any required metadata is added. A reference disc (or set of files) is then made of the completed album.

 For a full length album this process usually takes the better part of a day, typically starting around 10am and finishing around 7-8pm, with a lunch break somewhere in there.

Now it's time to take your reference copy home for a final listen in a familiar setting, and we begin the approval and production master process.


Unattended Sessions

Unattended sessions are typically booked for a specific day just like attended sessions.  Upon booking we'll have you fill out a short online form to get all your contact info and some technical details about your project. We'll then provide you with access to our file uploader where you can deliver your digital mix files.  

The session itself is run very much like an attended session.  We'll be in touch through email or phone as needed to have you answer any technical or aesthetic questions that arise as we work through the album.

At the end of the session day we'll send an email to provide you with a link to download a reference copy of the master.  This is usually a single wav file of the entire master, with all sequencing and spacing intact. 

As with attended sessions, we encourage you to listen to your reference copy in a familiar setting, and we begin the approval and production master process.